Join Us

We welcome applications from prospective postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates.

We seek highly motivated and creative scientists and engineers to join our group. Group members have very diverse backgrounds, ranging from computer science and electrical engineering to biology, chemistry, and physics. Specific background is less important than a track record of achievement and an ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues within and outside the lab.

Stanford has long been a magnet for talent in computing and the biosciences, and is considered the birthplace and spiritual center of Silicon Valley, an unparalleled center of technological and scientific innovation. We tie these strengths together and strive to impact both basic science and industry. Our research relates closely to topics recognized by Nobel Prizes in 2012, 2013, and 2014, all three of which were shared by Stanford colleagues.

We are based in an interdisciplinary biosciences building immediately adjacent both to Stanford’s medical school and to the computer science, chemistry, biology, and engineering departments. We have access to excellent computational and experimental facilities.

We pride ourselves on creating a stimulating, welcoming environment in which group members interact extensively with one another and with a broad network of world-class collaborators. We encourage diversity of all types, and applications from women and minorities are particularly encouraged.

Postdocs. We consider postdoctoral applications on a rolling basis, depending on fit to the lab and available space. To apply for a postdoc position, please email the following to drorlabopenings AT cs DOT stanford DOT edu: a CV, a cover letter explaining your interest in the position, contact information for three referees, and a document you wrote that has not been edited by anyone else (for example, a report, an early draft of a manuscript, or an email to a colleague about a scientific topic).

PhD Applicants. PhD candidates must apply to a Stanford PhD program; you cannot be admitted directly by a single lab or faculty member. Application deadlines are in the late fall. Pre-application inquiries to Ron are welcome.

Rotation Students.  We welcome Stanford graduate students from all PhD programs, including computer science, the biosciences, engineering, chemistry, and physics. Please contact Ron to discuss.

Undergraduates.  Undergraduates with strong computational or quantitative skills and an interest in biological questions are encouraged to contact Ron to discuss opportunities in the lab.